ZTE Cloud Terminal Management System

  • Solution Description 
    Cloud computing has become one of important trends that are dominant in the development of global Internet industry. As user experience of cloud terminals is always doubted, it has become the focus of attention for IT management. At present, management of cloud terminals faces the following problems, including multiple terminals, multiple categories, scattered deployment position, and heterogeneous configuration.  
    Therefore, ZTE launches the cloud terminal management system (thin terminal management system), which can realize remote, automatic, and batch management of terminal equipment, promote O&M efficiency, reduce O&M cost, ensure security of cloud terminals of the customer together with the enterprise IT flows and specifications, simplify maintenance of cloud terminals, and help enterprise users achieve efficient and smart cloudified management. 

    Application Scenarios  
    The cloud terminal management system is the core part of the cloud desktop solution, which supports cloud desktops and is applicable to all the scenarios of using cloud desktops. Especially, when the number of terminals exceeds 100, the cloud terminal management system is strongly recommended.  

    System Features
    The ZTE Cloud Terminal Management System is an enterprise-level terminal management system, providing the following features:  
    1.The architecture is easily expanded to easily manage thousands of terminals. 
    2.The information from the management platform to the cloud terminal is transmitted in encryption mode to ensure user information security.  
    3.The system provides powerful functionalities, including configuration management, terminal software upgrade, remote troubleshooting, and asset management.  
    4.The system supports the distributed deployment mode to make deployment globally and centralized management.   
    5.The system provides good compatibility, so it can be integrated to multiple management software interfaces.  

    Customer Value 
    Through the ZTE Cloud Terminal Management System, the IT management personnel can easily achieve remote, batch and automatic management of cloud terminals:  
    1.Remote O&M: The IT management can remotely achieve functions, such as checking the terminal operation information, managing the terminal operation alarms, and checking terminal logs remotely, remotely position and process terminal faults, and remotely manage and configure terminals.   
    2.Batch O&M: The IT management can select terminals and make operations according to the selection result, such as updating the system in batches, delivering patches, installing the application software, and configuring terminals.  
    3.Automatic O&M: The IT management can, as required, configure the terminal operation as the timely task to realize unattended operation on terminals. 
    4.Terminal operation audit: The system provides the powerful terminal log function to record the terminal operation records, make post-audit, prevent illegal operation on the terminal, and ensure terminal user privacy.   


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