ZXNGCC New Generation Contact Center

  • 1.Product Introduction

    With network evolution and the diversification of communication ways, traditional voice call centers cannot keep pace with customer service demands. ZTE has launched a new generation of contact center (NGCC) platform, software products and solutions that are “all cloud, multimedia & omni-channel, and intelligent”. ZTE NGCC, based on softswitch technology, has features as follows.
    All voice, video and multimedia customer requests access the platform in a unified manner, and are processed through IVR automatically and CTI manually. Each customer interaction via voice or video on each agent is automatically recorded through multimedia recording software (MRS). ZXNGCC also integrates with intelligent applications using Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technologies. Based on an open architecture, the ZXNGCC platform facilitates third-party customer service application development. Moreover, its graphical configuration interface makes operation and maintenance easier and more productive.

    2.Product Architecture

    3.Highlighted Features

    Highly reliable
    ●Cloud architecture to achieve remote disaster recovery
    ●Multi-center and multi-node, N + 1 redundancy for each module
    ●Unique databaseless operation to assure service uninterruption
    ●Conference recording and agent recording at the same time for 100% reliable recording
    Easy to use
    ●Omni-channel , all-media access and multimedia agents to improve customer service efficiency
    ●Unified interface and coordinated processing based on customer portrait and customer journey
    ●Support for inbound and outbound services on the same platform
    ●High-concurrency outbound service capability
    ●Intelligent IVR and accurate semantic recognition capability to improve customer satisfaction
    ●Outsourcing supported through virtual center 
    Easy to maintain
    ●Unified and fast platform deployment
    ●VM-based deployment to facilitate linear expansion and easy maintenance


    ●Operators: customer service system, information services, outsourcing contact center platform
    ●Financial industry: integrated customer service center, credit card center, financial management hotline and intelligent outbound call system platform for banks; telemarketing call platform for insurance companies; mobile banking using ZTE NGCC’s video capability for banks
    ●Internet enterprises: customer service platform, intelligent voice navigation platform, media recording application.
    ●Government: government service hotline platform

    5.Success Cases

    ●Customer service systems of China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Tower
    ●China Construction Bank's Next Generation Call Center
    ●China Everbright Bank's Next Generation customer service call center platform system
    ●Call centers of Guizhou Rural Credit Cooperatives, Xingtai Bank, Shangrao Bank, Jiangsu Bank, Changzhi Bank 
    ●Shenzhen Ping An Insurance’s commercial contact center system (property and life insurance platforms)
    ●Video call center for Tianan Property Insurance’s 'Easy Car Compensation' application