ZTE Intelligent NGCC

  • Introduction

    As the carrier network evolves and contact methods become more diversified, the traditional voice contact center cannot meet current customer service demands. ZTE has launched the new-generation contact center (NGCC) solution that features full cloudfication, multimedia, all contact channels, and intelligence.   

    ●Fully cloudified deployment: The software-based architecture is fully cloudified. 
    ●All contact channels: ZTE intelligent NGCC supports unified access of voice, video, SMS/MMS, Web, social networking (WeChat and Weibo), improving user experience. It can be compatible with the traditional voice TDM network, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE and IP networks, and the Internet. Users can easily access the contact center at any time, anywhere, with any device. 
    ●Intelligent: ZTE also provides the innovative intelligent customer service solution that leverages artificial intelligence technologies to improve service efficiency and reduce labor costs. 
    ●Customer service system: The contact center system that provides customer service for the operator’s or the enterprise’s products or services, for example, 10000/10086/10010 contact center systems for China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom respectively. 
    ●Information service contact center system: The contact center system that provides information service based on number information, such as booking flowers, booking hotel rooms, ordering food, and planning travel itinerary. Examples of such contact centers include operators’ 114/12580/116114 contact centers. 
    ●Outsourcing contact center system: The contact center platform constructed by the operator or enterprise and leased to a third party. Such a contact center usually contains a platform, attendants, number resources, and line resources. Third party customers include enterprises and organizations from the government, insurance, finance, express and service industries.


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