Video Analysis Platform ZXIVS VAP

  • 1.Product Introduction

    ZXIVS VAP integrates cutting-edge technologies such as distributed computing, mass storage, and big data-based real-time video stream analysis to analyze the information with potential values in video images from video surveillance systems and video and static images, and convert unstructured image data into structured data for storage, analysis and judgment. Based on deep learning algorithms, ZTE VAP performs deep extraction of target features in image data, and combines these features with associated data to form modular applications. In addition, it provides an intelligent video analysis capability API to support service customization based on opening capabilities for third parties.

    2.Highlighted Features

    ●Unified access of multi-source data
    ●Platform openness for multi-network integration
    ●Video processing engine cluster with high scalability
    ●Deep learning and high-performing GPU
    ●Massive data processing capability
    ●Rich smart analysis applications
    ●Convenient operation and maintenance
    ●High security & high reliability
    ●Support multiple algorithm access


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