Central Management Software ZXIVS VSS

  • 1.Product Introduction

    ZXIVS VSS is the central management software of the video surveillance system, provides management of service nodes and interconnection gateway, user management, data and access right management.

    2.Highlighted Features

    ●High Reliability: 
    Server level fault tolerance without service interruption
    Maximum 20% server fault tolerance
    Carrier-class hardware reliability
    ●Flexible Deployment: 
    Single-server system to simplify deployment 
    Cloud-based multi site deployment 
    Load balancing architecture
    Cloud computing pool
    ●High Efficiency
    60% higher hardware utilization
    40% less cost on system deployment and maintenance
    75% shorter system deployment period
    ●Open Architecture
    Compatible with 99%+ video surveillance cameras
    Compliant with GB/T28181/ONVIF 
    SDK for various programming languages
    Component/API/SDK interface


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