ZXIVS G5202 FR Static Face Recognition Server

  • Product Description

    ZXIVS G5202 FR, based on an advanced high-density GPU computing architecture, provides face recognition based on static images, including face registration, face matching and static face retrieval.


    l  High-performing GPU server with powerful graphical processing capability; support FPGA dedicated hardware accelerator

    l  Ultra-fast face matching: 1:N face matching with 20mln face library within 1 second

    l  High accuracy: 99% for 1:1 and 98% for 1:N (TOP1)

    l  Access cameras through GB/T 28181 and ONVIF

    l  Interconnect with 3rd party platforms through GB/T 28181

    l  Interconnect with heterogeneous 3rd-party application system through GB/T 28181 and GA/T 1400/1399 

    l  Open data and service capabilities through SDK and Web Service 

    l  OpenStack/Hadoop based to easily interconnect with 3rd party systems

    l  Distributed cloud architecture to assure disaster recovery of service and data

    l  Carrier-class hardware of high stability

    l  Self-adaptive resource allocation, flexible deployment, elastic scaling

    Product Specifications


    Image Format

    Face recognition of facial capture of 40*40 resolution or less, or interpupillary distance 30 pixels or less in formats of BMP, JPEG, PNG

    Image Processing

    Extracting facial features of 100 images each second per NVIDIA Tesla P4

    Recognition Mode

    1:N face recognition; 1:1 deep-learning face matching



    2 Intel® Xeon® processors



    Hard Disk

    Data storage: 4T*3(RAID3)

    System: 2*300G(RAID1)

    Network Interface

    12 10GE optical interfaces and 2 GE electrical interface

    GPU Accelerator

    At most NVIDIA Tesla P4 * 8


    Operating System

    Ubuntu 16.4


    ZTE DAP 2.0

    Interface Protocol

    Front-end Camera Protocol

    GB28181, RTSP

    Platform Protocol


    Alarm Interface

    REST lightweight Web protocol


    Power Supply

    Platinum power supply (550W/800w/1200W), 1+1 hot-swappable redundant mode, support 110VAC, 220VAC, -48VDC, 240HVDC, 336HVDC

    Power Consumption


    Dimensions (mm)

    Chassis(mm):H(88.1 mm)*W(447mm)*D(752mm)


    about 30kg in full configuration

    Operating Conditions

    Operating temperature: +5ºC~+40ºC, Storing temperature: -40ºC~+70ºC

    relative humidity:Operating Conditions10%~90%, 非Operating Conditions5%~95%

    Altitude: ≤3000m


    CE,  CB , UL , FCC,  CCC, CEC, CQC,  RoHS


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