ZXIVS G5202 FD Dynamic Face Recognition Server

  • Product Description

    ZXIVS G5202 FD, based on an advanced high-density GPU computing architecture, provides dynamic face recognition based on dynamic video streaming, including face registration, face matching and face capture retrieval.


    l  High-performing GPU server with powerful graphical processing capability; support FPGA dedicated hardware

    l  Highly-concurrent dynamic face analysis of dynamic HD video images

    l  Ultra-fast face matching: 1:N face matching with 20mln face library within 1 second

    l  High accuracy: 99% for 1:1 and 98% for 1:N (TOP1)

    l  Access cameras through GB/T 28181 and ONVIF

    l  Interconnect with 3rd party platforms through GB/T 28181

    l  Interconnect with heterogeneous 3rd-party application system through GB/T 28181 and GA/T 1400/1399

    l  Open data and service capabilities through SDK and Web Service

    l  OpenStack/Hadoop based to easily interconnect with 3rd party systems

    l  Distributed cloud architecture to assure disaster recovery of service and data

    l  Carrier-class hardware of high stability

    Self-adaptive resource allocation, flexible deployment, elastic scaling

    Product Specifications


    Video Compression


    Image Processing

    Support more than 15 channels of 1080P@25fps video images per NVIDIA Tesla P4 accelerator

    Recognition Mode

    1:N face recognition; 1:1 deep-learning face matching



    2 Intel® Xeon® processors



    Hard Disk

    Data storage: 4T*3(RAID3)

    System: 2*300G(RAID1)

    Network Interface

    12*10GE optical interface, 2*GE electrical interface

    GPU Accelerator

    NVIDIA Tesla P4 * 2


    Operating System

    Ubuntu 16.4


    ZTE DAP 2.0

    Interface Protocol

    Front-end Camera Protocol

    GB28181, RTSP

    Platform Protocol


    Alarm Interface

    REST lightweight Web protocol


    Power Supply

    Platinum power supply (550W/800w/1200W), 1+1 hot-swappable redundant mode, support 110VAC, 220VAC, -48VDC, 240HVDC, 336HVDC

    Power Consumption


    Dimensions (mm)

    Chassis(mm):H(88.1 mm)*W(447mm)*D(752mm)


    about 30kg in full configuration

    Operating Conditions

    Operating temperature: +5ºC~+40ºC, Storing temperature: -40ºC~+70ºC

    relative humidity:Operating Conditions10%~90%, 非Operating Conditions5%~95%

    Altitude: ≤3000m


    CE,  CB , UL , FCC,  CCC, CEC, CQC,  RoHS


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