ZTE TrueMeet V212AF

  • Introduction
    The ZTE V212AF is a full high-definition, high resolution, wide viewing angle, color video camera, with a 1/3 inch, 2.12 million effective pixels HD CMOS image sensor. The ZTE V212AF has built-in 12x optical zoom lens, which can easily capture close-ups. As a professional camera, the ZTE V212AF has many dedicated functions for conferencing such as supporting 255 preset positions, remote operation and far end remote control, in-ceiling mount installation. 
    Product Appearance
    ● 2.12 Million Effective Pixels HD CMOS Image Sensor 
    With 1/3 inch, 2.12 Million pixel high quality HD CMOS image sensor, the ZTE V212AF can achieve 1920 x 1080 super high resolution video and 60 fps output framerate.
    ● Wide Range, High Speed and Low Noise Pan/Tilt Rotation
    The ZTE V212AF supports step motor driving, smooth rotation and user friendly without dithering. The ZTE V212AF can move to the appointed position quickly and accurately.
    ● Optical Zoom Lens
    The ZTE V212AF has 12x optical zoom lens with a wide viewing angle of up to 72.5° without distortion.
    ● 255 Preset Positions
    The ZTE V212AF supports a maximum of 255 preset positions.
    The ZTE V212AF is an ideal choice for kinds of scenarios such as video conferencing and distance education.


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