ZTE Ultra-HD 4K Camera V412 T

  • Product Introduction

    The ZXV10 V412 T is a 4K ultra-HD full-HD color camera with three outputs. It has a 1/2.5" 8.51MP HD CMOS sensor with high sensitivity and resolution. With a 12X wide-angle optical zoom lens without distortion, it allows more of the scene of a conference room to be included in the photograph. As a professional conferencing camera, the V412 T has perfect functions, rich interfaces and excellent performance. It supports up to 255 preset positions, remote control operation, remote control and upside-down mounting. It can be applied to various scenarios such as video conferencing, distance education, enterprise training and telemedicine.

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    Highlighted Features

    ●4K UHD
    The V412 T uses SONY’s new-generation 1/2.5" 8.51MP HD CMOS sensor to support 720P, 1080P and up to 4K (3840x2160) video images . 
    ● 83° wide angle lens, 12X optical zoom
    The V412 T is the first video conferencing camera that uses a 8.51MP ultra-HD wide angle lens with FOV up to 83° (12X zoom for 4K and 30X zoom for 1080p). 
    ● Sleep mode to save energy
    Its power consumption in sleep mode is as low as 400mW. 
    ● Low illumination
    Its brand-new CMOS image sensor with ultra-high signal-noise ratio (SNR) can effectively reduce the image noise at low illumination. It also uses 2D and 3D noise reduction algorithms to further reduce the image noise. Even in ultra-low illumination, it still outputs clear video images with SNR no less than 55 dB. 
    ● Rich interfaces
    It offers HDMI 2.0 and HDBaseT interfaces with an effective transmission distance up to 150 meters (4K30).
    ● Remote control
    You can remote control the V412 T through RS232, the Internet and HDBaseT.
    ● Built-in gravity sensor 
    It supports automatic screen flip through gravity sensor for easy installation. 
    ● Remote control operation
    It provides remote control signal passthrough to facilitate operations of backend devices.  
    ●Multiple control protocols
    It supports VISCA, PELCO-D and PELCO-P protocols, automatic protocol identification, and VISCA control protocol. 
    ●255 Preset positions
    It supports up to 255 preset positions (10 invoked by remote control).


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