ZTE Video Conference USB Camera U212

  • 1.Product Introduction

    The ZXV10 U212 is a full HD, high-pixel and wide-angle HD color camera. It uses a 1/2.7-inch 2.07megapixel high-quality HD CMOS sensor. Its built-in 12-times optical zoom lens facilitates close-up shooting of conference rooms. As a professional conference camera, the ZXV10 U212 has the following conference-oriented features: up to 255 presets, remote control, reverse installation support. It is an ideal choice for video conference, distance education and enterprise training.

    2.Highlighted Features

    ●Full HD image: 1/2.7 high-quality image sensor, supporting up to 1920x1080 60fps.  
    ●Optical zoom lens: 12X optical zoom lens, with a wide view angle of 72.5° without distortion. 
    ●Auto-focus technology: fast and accurate auto-focus with most advanced auto-focus algorithm. 
    ●High SNR: The low-noise CMOS effectively guarantees the ultra-high video SNR. Advanced 2D and 3D noise reduction technologies are used to further reduce noise and ensure image definition. 
    ●Super silent PTZ: Uses a high-precision step motor and a precision motor controller to ensure that the PTZ operates stably at a low speed without noise. 
    ●Multiple video output interfaces: USB and wired LAN. 
    ●Remote control: Supports transparent signal transmission on the remote control. 
    ●Hibernation function: Supports low power consumption sleep and wake-up. Its power consumption in sleep mode is lower than 500 mW. 
    ●Multiple control protocols: VISCA, PELCO-D and PELCO-P, and automatic protocol identification.
    ●Multiple presets: Up to 255 presets (10 for remote control setting).
    ●Application scenarios: Distance education, teaching recording, video conferencing, remote training, telemedicine, remote court and emergency command.


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