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ZTE Ultra-HD 4K (5G) Videoconferencing Terminal XT802

  • 1.Product Introduction

    ZTE’s XT802 is a 5G 4K ultra-HD videoconferencing terminal, which offers ultra high-definition audio/video communications and collaboration services. It has a built-in 5G module and supports two channels of 4K video streams, delivering a perfect video conferencing experience. With rich audio/video interfaces, the XT802 can be flexibly used in various scenarios such as administrative conference, emergency command, telemedicine and distance education.

    2.Highlighted Features

    ●5G enabled, 4K ultra-HD engine, efficient communication experience
    The XT802 has a built-in 5G module, and supports 5G wireless access, making application deployment faster and more efficient. The XT802 supports the latest H.265 video codec. With a bandwidth of 1Mbps, 4K30 HD video can be implemented to ensure the HD video quality and reduce network construction and operation costs. It has excellent dual-stream coordination capability, making your communication more efficient. 
    ●Three-in-one multi-function video interface, improving deployment efficiency
    The XT802 adopts the HDBaseT interface, which completely changes the mode of traditional video conference terminal interconnecting with the camera via power cable, data cable and control cable. It can transmit three types of signals at the same time by using only one network cable, thus greatly reducing the difficulty in equipment deployment and improving deployment efficiency. In addition to ensuring the transmission distance, the cable deployment in the conference room is easier and more standardized. 
    ●Strong network adaptability and self-check mechanism to deliver more stable conference
    The XT802 can automatically adapt to network conditions through forward error correction (FEC), and QoS bandwidth adaptation algorithms to ensure the optimal video experience in case of network packet loss. Moreover, the XT802 is embedded with multiple fault diagnosis modes such as multi-level loopback test, system log, power-on self-test (POST), module test, fault diagnosis and high temperature alarm to ensure the security and reliability of video communication.