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ZTE Smart Conference Board TCS410

  • 1.Product Introduction

    The ZXV10 TCS410 is an all-in-one smart video conferencing terminal that integrates three key functions of ‘simultaneous screen projection, interactive whiteboard and video conferencing’ to provide users with rich conferencing services. It integrates a video conferencing terminal, a trolley, a HD camera, an electronic whiteboard, a computer, a projector and a big-screen display to provide services including high-definition video conferencing, electronic whiteboard, multi-screen sharing, wireless casting, theme display, etc. It is applicable for various scenarios including government service, business negotiation, distance education, and emergency command. 

    The TCS410 supports 4K ultra-HD video effects and H.265 protocol, with doubled compression efficiency and 50% less video stream rate than H.264, thus significantly reducing network operation expenses. It also supports FEC, Silk Internet audio, and automatic bandwidth adjustment. With excellent Internet adaptability, it is ideal for video conferencing based on the Internet and office networks.


    2.Highlighted Features

    ●Ultra-clear video quality to bring you a more detailed view
    The TCS410, with H.265 protocol support, delivers smooth 4K ultra-HD video effect, which helps you reduce network construction and operation costs while enjoying high-definition video communications. Its 65-inch, 75-inch or 86-inch full HD LED color screen can perfect display every detail of the venue.
    ●Enriched conferencing functions to improve conference efficiency
    The TCS410’s big touch screen supports electronic whiteboard functions including customized handwriting on screen and manually annotating on screen to easily realize local collaboration. It also supports remote whiteboard sharing.
    The TCS410 provides the wireless casting function so that you can share the content on your laptop, smartphone or PAD to the big screen of the TCS410 via a wireless connection.
    The TCS410 also supports wireless dual streaming. In a video conference, via a wireless connection, the desktop content on a laptop can be sent to a remote terminal, and the content on the electronic whiteboard can be sent to a remote traditional video conferencing endpoint. 
    ●Ultra-clear audio/video experience
    The TCS410 has a built-in wide-angle HD camera to provide an ultra-wide field of view (FOV). With built-in microphone arrays, it delivers exceptional sound effect. It can also be cascaded with multiple digital omnidirectional microphones, meeting the conferencing requirements in various scenarios.
    ●AI-supported feature functions to make your conference smarter 
    The TCS410 leverages industry-leading face and speech recognition technologies to offer innovative intelligent services including voice control, attendee identification, auto sign in and auto attendance statistics.