ZTE Videoconferencing Terminal ET800

  • 1.Product Introduction

    ZXV10 ET800 is a new generation video conference terminal developed by ZTE. It has a 1+6 embedded MCU and powerful audio and video processing capability to deliver smooth 1080p HD video effect and crystal-like clear sound effect, bringing immersive experience. The ZXV10 ET800 has abundant audio and video interfaces, which can be used in various application scenarios such as administrative conference, emergency command, telemedicine and distance education. 

    The ZXV10 ET800 provides comprehensive conference control functions including chairman control and caption. It supports remote voice access through PSTN port, dynamic icon display of microphone and loudspeaker, buddy list and status display. It enables users to conveniently organize conferences, and control conferences through Web-based video/audio monitoring and venue browsing.

    2.Highlighted Features

    ●Broadcast-level HD engine, enjoying the leap of HD image quality
    With aggregated new technologies and smart HD engine, the ET800 supports H.264 High Profile to achieve video resolution up to 1080p 30fps and 720p 60fps at a bandwidth of 384Kbps. The ET800 also supports dual 1080p video streaming for crisp high motion data sharing. The ET800 enables you to enjoy splendid video conferencing with smooth and lifelike-color image quality as well as crystal clear voice effect to establish the noble image of your enterprise, and make your communication more efficient. 
    ●Stereo audio driver to bring a feast of hearing
    With the unique ZAFC speech spectrum compensation technology, the voice definition in the long distance pickup is improved significantly. It integrates the leading self-adaptive feedback suppression technology to completely eliminate howling. The built-in 10-segment audio balancer can effectively compensate for the defects of the audio playing system and room. In addition, the audio playing system uses the sound field expansion technology to accurately restore the stereo sound field, providing you with immersive experience. 
    ●Carrier-class design to assure high system reliability
    With carrier-class system design, the ET800 utilizes multiple network backup mechanisms (E1+IP, IP+IP, E1+E1) and bandwidth adjustment, NAT/FW traversal, intelligent error correction, and FastLock - automatic reconnecting to conference. It can automatically adapt to network conditions through IPv6 support, audio/video packet loss compensation, FEC, and QOS bandwidth adaptation algorithms to ensure the maximum video experience across challenging and disparate customer network environments. Moreover, the ET800 is embedded with multiple fault diagnosis modes to assure 7x24 high security and reliability.


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