ZTE Videoconferencing Terminal ET702

  • 1.Product Introduction

    The ZXV10 ET702 provides users with an open and integrated video conference application platform. Based on lightweight design, it supports dual 1080p60 HD video and broadband voice to deliver excellent audio and video experience, which fits for small and medium-scale conferences.

    2.Highlighted Features

    ●High-definition image quality
    The ET702 supports H.264 High Profile and dual-channel 1080p 60fps HD video to deliver splendid image quality for smooth video communication. 
    ●Unified HD video and audio interface design to simplify installation
    The ET702 only has the most necessary HD audio/video interfaces, making system deployment and maintenance easier.
    It is compact and can be mounted on a wall, on the back of a LCD TV, or placed on the top of a desktop.  
    ●Built-in Wi-Fi to make conferencing easier
    With built-in Wi-Fi access capability, the ET702 can access the network rapidly without network cabling. Its Wi-Fi hotspot function enables full network coverage for the entire conference room, wireless conference control and desktop content sharing.  
    ●The brand-new way of terminal control
    In addition to using the remote control and the web page to control the ET702 video conference terminal, you can also use the touch screen TV that works with the ET702 to operate the terminal. The TV screen of a conference room is a convenient control panel, so you do not need to search for function keys on the remote control. The simple GUI makes conference initiation and control easier. 
    ●Multiple applications, open platform, and intelligent conference collaboration
    With excellent openness and compaibility, the ET702 supports customers to customize value-added services integrated with video conferencing, which can be applied to more industries and scenarios.


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