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ZTE HD Video Conference Terminal ET312

  • Product Description

    The ZXV10 ET312 HD video conferencing terminal has rich audio and video interfaces. It can work with HD camera and microphone through USB connections. Supporting H.265 and 4K30+1080P30 full HD video, it features excellent audio/video effect and strong network adaptability. It can be mounted on the top of or behind a TV, which is very suitable for small and medium-sized venues. It can be used in various scenarios such as e-government, business negotiation, education and training.

    Product Appearance

    Ultra-high definition, compact, rich interfaces, and intelligent video conferencing


    ●HD image quality
    Using the most advanced H.265 video codec technology, it supports 4K30+1080P30 full HD video effect with subtle and fluent colors, bringing new experience of face-to-face communication at the same network construction cost. 
    ●Separate design
    Based on separate design concept, the ET312 can be easily integrated with HD camera and microphone through USB connections. It can be mounted on the top of or behind a TV. 
    ●Excellent video and audio effect
    The ET312 can work with a HD PTZ camera to deliver superb visual experience. Its built-in array microphone provides outstanding sound effects, and its multiple digital omnidirectional microphones in cascading connection can expand the audio coverage to 12 meters. It offers peripheral audio self-check function to detect microphones, televisions, and other related devices to ensure that voice input and output are normal before a conference is started. 
    ●Rich video and audio interfaces, dual-screen display supported
    The ET312 has rich audio and video interfaces, enabling direct connection to various video and audio devices without complicated interface conversion. It supports dual-channel HDMI HD video and audio outputs, realizing dual-screen display. 
    ●Wireless connection, making collaboration faster
    With a built-in full-featured Wi-Fi module, the ET312 supports wireless casting and dual-streaming for content sharing. You can share the screen contents of your laptop, PAD or smart phone on the screen of a local conference room, and sent it to a remote conference room through the video conference platform for dual-stream sharing. 
    ●AI-based video conferencing
    Leveraging industry-leading face and voice recognition technology, the ET312 supports voice control of basic conferencing functions, auto sign-in and auto attendance statistics.
    ●High reliability, strong network adaptability
    The ZXV10 ET312 adopts video and audio packet loss compensation, FEC and QoS network adaptation algorithm. Even when the packet loss rate in the network reaches 40%, it still ensures smooth audio and video effect.
    ●Independently-developed chip
    Using the chip independent developed by ZTE, the ET312 has higher performance of processing HD videos and 3D images.