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ZTE TrueMeet Software Terminal VT100

  • Product Description
    The ZTE VT100, an intelligent software, can turn your personal computer and intelligent mobile phone or PAD into a powerful video communication device that supports face-to-face video conference and online collaboration.
    The VT100 can run on the Windows PC, Android mobile phone, iOS mobile phone, and iOS Pad, and offers the excellent audio/video effect and high network adaptability to bring perfect communication experience even with low bandwidth. No matter where you are, the VT100 enables you, your colleagues, your customers, and your suppliers to easily realize remote online collaboration. 
    Product Appearance

    ●Advanced H.265 video codec  
    The ZTE VT100 supports the H.265 video codec standard, which can significantly improve the utilization of the network bandwidth for video communication, ensure the high quality video effect, and save the bandwidth consumption at the same time.  
    ●Open SDK for rich user video applications  
    The 3rd party users can, through the SDK packages provided by the VT100, develop applications to enrich the current video communication functionalities.  
    ●Enterprise address book  
    The enterprise address book can clearly and conveniently display the content such as enterprise’s departments and contacts, so that you can rapidly add contacts to a conference.  
    ●Guest mode and registered user mode  
    After installing the VT100 software, you can call and join a video conference without registration and can use the terminal permanently for free of charge.   
    After registration, you can convene a conference and can be called by other terminals to join a video conference.   
    Application scenarios
    The user convenes a video conference on the Windows PC, Android mobile phone, iOS mobile phone, and iOS Pad.