ZTE TrueMeet Room Terminal ET802

  • Product Description
    ZTE ET802 is a full HD video communications terminal with a separated PTZ camera, makes it very flexible to deploy in any large meeting room and capture anything you can imagine. Supporting 1080p 60fps HD video resolution and broadband audio, the terminal is able to provide exceptional quality video and audio. The ET802 is one of the excellent choice for medium and large industry users and business users requiring high level videoconferencing.
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    ●    Broadcast Level HD Engine, Enjoy the Leap of HD Image Quality

    With the aggregated new technologies and smart HD engine, the ET802 support H.265 to realize 1080p 30fps video resolution at 512Kb bandwidth. ET802 supports dual 1080p60 video streaming, showing the vivid, smooth, lifelike color, wonderful and shook clear world, establishing the noble image of your enterprise, and letting your communication to be more efficient.

    ●    Stereo Audio Driver, Enjoy the Feast of Hearing

    With the unique audio compensation technique ZAFC, it significantly improves the intelligibility of the speech of distance audio pickup. Integrated with the leading auto adaptive feedback suppression technology, it stops howling phenomenon completely. Built-in ten audio equalizer icons, it effectively makes up the defects of sound construction of the sound system and room. Using the sound field expansion technique, the terminal can restore the stereo sound field accurately and bring you enjoyment.

    ●    Intelligent Network Adaptability

    It is compatible with IPv4 and IPv6. Using FEC proprietary technology, it reduces the impact of instable IP network quality for conference; Supports automatic speed control and QOS settings.

    Application scenarios
    ET802 is mainly used in large and middle video conference room.


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