ZTE TrueSee TPS330S

  • Product Description
    ZTE TrueSee TPS330S three screens telepresence system, is the product which uses a single core encoder for three screens telepresence system. TPS330S supports H.323 and TIP protocols, can realize life-size ultra HD imaging, natural eye contact, and omnidirectional audio-video synchronization, and achieve immersive experience for you.
    With many humanized design concept, 'space extension’ and ‘easy reach by hand’ ideas, TPS330S lets you get rid of complicated conference control and focus on the conference.
    Perfect combination with ZTE video communication solution. TPS330S can directly communicate with the main manufacturers’ telepresence systems. And the lowest TCO of TPS330S will greatly improve the high-end user's return on investment.
    Product Appearance

    ● No matter how far distanced, we have meeting in one room
    The powerful single core codec supports the highest level of four channels 1080 p50/60 video streaming, in the industry which is the first time. With the core codec, TPS330S provides more fluent, clear and continuous panorama image quality.
    The Integrated three-lens camera has the ultra wide angle, subsided design, and the three axis fine-tuning mechanism which can realize 3x1080p50/60 stitching images output. The natural eye contact and the detailed expressions are fully present.
    With the 3x55’ 1080p seamless LCD, TPS330S can implement the participants showing 1:1 proportion of reality and have the 48:9 super wide field of high-definition effect.
    The 3x22’ LCD supplies 1080p auxiliary data sharing, implements the comprehensive interactive collaborations.
    The surrounded type solid wood meeting desk, extends the local conference room to the virtual remote space in the meetings, provides face to face, true vivid visual feeling.
    ● Multichannel audio pickup and amplification, real space sound function
    The four-channel 22 KHZ broadband AAC-LD audio coding technology and amplification technology combined with hidden noise reduced microphone and HIFI embedded speakers, perfectly implements the space sound function and realizes the true sound effect of the remote meeting room.
    ● Easy to use
    One key, to convene the meeting, switches the display mode, sharing data, appoint speech, etc, to let the meeting becoming management much esier.
    ● Strong network adaptability
    In order to ensure the maximum video experience across challenging and disparate customer network environments, the TPS330S can automatically and dynamically adapt to network conditions using features such as LPC, FEC, and QOS which guarantees the best quality video and audio at packet loss.
    ● Humanized designs and green environmental protection
    The system adopts many humanized designs, including soft lightening, warm color style, and comfortable furniture, to fully reflect the idea of spatial extension and everything touchable. The lower power consumption and low noise design make the meeting environment more comfortable.
    Application scenarios
    TPS330S is mainly used in advanced video conference room for leaders.


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