ZTE Movable TrueSee System TRS210E

  • Product Description
    ZTE TRS210E, a new integrated video communications system with codec, high definition PTZ camera, TV and trolley, supports 1080p HD video resolution and broadband audio. The quick and easy deployment can conveniently integrated into many kinds of meeting room, without affecting the layout.
    Product Appearance

    ● All-in-One Design
    Videoconferencing codec x 1
    High definition PTZ camera x 1
    Omni-directional digital microphone x 1
    55 inch TV x 1
    Trolley x1
    Optional wireless router and PAD
    ● Superior Visual Communication Experience
    The TRS210E supports H.265 to realize video resolution up to 1080p 30fps at 512Kb bandwidth, delivers a superior and uncompromised videoconferencing experience.
    ● Easy Deployment
    The TRS210E promises to be simple enough to install without any professional help. With an easy-to-use, graphically driven menu system, the system is very simple to operate and maintain. Easy deployment ensures that the TRS210E video conferencing system can be used effectively in any type of meeting rooms.
    ● Good Network Adaptability
    It is compatible with IPv4 and IPv6, supports H.235 encryption. Using FEC proprietary technology, it reduces the impact of instable IP network quality for conference; Support automatic speed control and QOS settings.
    Application scenarios
    TRS210E is mainly used in the small and meddle video conference room.


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