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ZTE TrueMeet RMS4000

  • Introduction
    The RMS4000 is ZTE’s latest high-performance digital video recording and streaming server product. It can work with video conferencing systems based on a secure and reliable communication mechanism to provide conference recording and live streaming in various scenarios such as enterprise training, distance education, remote petition and court.     
    Product Appearance
    ● Large-Capacity Recording of HD Conferences  
    The RMS4000 supports simultaneous recording of up to 30 dual-streaming video conferences, each with two HD video streams and one audio stream.  
    ● Perfect Video Conference Live Streaming and VOD Playback 
    The RMS4000 supports the conference live streaming in the format of CIF/4CIF/720p/1080p, which can meet users’ requirements in different conference scenarios. As long as the conference is recorded, RMS4000 will generate a recording file, and enable you to use the video conference platform for VOD playback on the Web page. 
    With the RMS4000, you can also watch video-on-demand through browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari in Windows or Mac OS, or video conferencing terminal. 
    ● Convenient Recording Control and File Management
    The conference service management platform of the RMS4000, based on the Web portal, allows you to configure the recording mode, control (such as start, stop, suspend and resume) the recording, and manage recording files. For example, you can modify or delete information about a recording file, or delete the recording file.
    The platform provides role-based management so that the system administrator and common users have different rights to manage the video records. 
    ● Comprehensive Management Functions
    The RMS4000 supports stack management of multiple servers to form a recording server cluster to process highly-concurrent multi-group conference recording. Supporting HTTP and HTTPS protocols, it provides Web portal for remote management. If the storage space is insufficient, the RMS4000 stops recording, reports the recording stop status and generates an alarm message. The RMS4000 provides the log management functions, with which you can query, maintain, and delete logs. What’s more, RMS4000 can record logs of different levels. The RMS4000 also supports remote upgrade of the system through WEB.
    The RMS4000 can be used for recording video conferences through IP network.