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ZTE TrueMeet MIG1000

  • Introduction

    ZTE MIG1000 is a media integration gateway device that integrates video conferencing system with video surveillance system. It supports high-performance and large-capacity monitoring terminals to access a conferencing system. Supporting flexible networking and various audio/video codec formats, the MIG1000 enables seamless integration of video conferencing and video surveillance to achieve unified command and dispatching.


    ● High Performance, Large Capacity and QoS Assurance

    The MIG1000 features industry-leading high performance to assure high quality and high reliability of audio/video communication services.

    ● Control of PTZ Camera to Monitor the Site Status in Real Time

    The MIG1000 supports controlling the PTZ camera of the monitoring terminal to accurately capture the site status.

    ● Visual Command and Dispatching

    Users can easily initiate the conference dispatching by clicking one key on the visual dispatching console.

    ● Flexible Networking and Easy Deployment

    The MIG1000 can not only integrate video surveillance platform with video conference system, but also monitoring terminals with video conference system.

    The MIG1000 can be deployed in large or small-and-medium dispatching centers, small command points in the leaders’ office, and supports the expansion of the dispatching system according to customer demands to easily deploy medium-and-large dispatch systems.


    The MIG1000 is used for integrating video surveillance system with video conferencing system.