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ZTE TrueMeet Insight

  • Introduction
    ZTE Insight is an intelligent conference perception system that supports data collection, modeling, analysis, diagnosis, display and prediction of the video conferencing network. It can not only collect the operating status of each network element in the video conferencing network, but also can perceive and display the user's use effect to the administrator and the user. Featuring powerful functionality and ease of use, the Insight system can greatly improve the management efficiency of the video conference system for customers.
    ● Precise Fault Location and Prediction
    The Insight can monitor the operating status of the Multi-point Control Unit (MCU) and the terminals in the system and locate faults rapidly. It can also accurately predict the health status of the systems based on historical records and current status, and timely give warnings of system vulnerability to reduce faults.
    ● Comprehensive Monitoring of System Operation and Maintenance
    The Insight can monitor the overall use status of MCU resources, the distribution of video terminals, the service quality of various kinds of conferences, and the use status of all terminals. It makes assessment of the overall operating status and service quality of the video conferencing system, and accurately present the system operation and maintenance analysis reports. It can discover whether there is any waste of resources in the system, and can intelligently predict the resource usage trend, which provides valuable reference for system expansion.
    The Insight system is applied for monitoring the operating status of video conferencing system resources.