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ZTE TrueMeet Emeeting

  • Introduction
    ZTE Emeeting is a highly-efficient conference room resource management and video conference management platform with rich management functions. It provides self-service booking and automatic allocation of local and remote conference rooms through a unified Web portal or mobile client. The system can automatically lock the allocated conference room, establish and connect remote conferences on scheduled time, which greatly improves conference resource utilization and conferencing efficiency.
    ● Easy Booking Conference Rooms and the Meeting.
    The Emeeting allows users to conveniently book local conference, remote multi-point video conference, audio conference resources through telephone, Web portal on PC, or mobile Emeeting client.
    After successfully booking, the Emeeting, on the scheduled time, automatically creates a conference as required, and the user who booked the conference room can directly start the conference at the booked conference room.
    ● Clear Display of All Conference Resources
    The Emeeting supports users to query the current conference room usage status, and clearly displays the location, the occupancy status at different period of time, and the size of each conference room, so that users can select the most suitable conference room.
    ● All-round Monitoring of Conference Resources
    The administrator can view and make statistics of the booking rate and usage rate of all conference rooms, the bookings and usage of conference resources of each unit to timely give warnings or allocate resources for avoiding waste of resources.
    The Emeeting is a perfect tool to book and manage video conference room resources.