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ZTE TrueMeet Network Recording Server RMS2000

  • Product Description
    The network recording and streaming server RMS2000 is a high-performance recording and streaming product newly developed by ZTE. Based on the secure communication mechanism, RMS2000 is in coordination with the video meeting system to record and disseminate visual information in scenarios including conference recording, conference live streaming, enterprise training, distance learning, remote consultation, and remote court.
    Product Appearance

    ● Concurrent recording of multiple HD multi-media signals
    With RMS2000, 2-channel 1080p HD video signals and 1-channel dual-mono HD audio signals can be recorded concurrently. You can start, pause, or stop a recording task as needed during the conference.
    To meet the service requirement in different scenarios, RMS2000 supports the recording of a single conference in the forms of both high- and low-bit rate streams.
    ● Conference live streaming, VOD playback
    RMS2000 can receive live streaming signals as long as the conference starts. In addition, RMS2000 supports the conference live streaming in the format of CIF/4CIF/720p/1080p, which can meet users’ requirements in different conference scenarios.
    As long as the conference is recorded, RMS2000 will generate a recording file, and enable you to use the video conference platform for VOD playback on the Web page.
    During the playback process, you can switch layout modes between picture-in-picture, picture-out-picture, and full screen as needed.
    ● Recording and streaming control, and file management
    RMS2000 allows you to control the recording and live streaming of a recording task through the video conference platform.
    You can use the Web page to manage all the recording files. For example, you can modify or delete information about a recording file.
    ● System Maintenance
    RMS2000 provides different threshold alarm mechanisms. For example, when the disk space occupied by recording files, size of a single recording file, or the recording duration reaches the threshold, RMS2000 stops recording and generates an alarm message.
    RMS2000 also provides the log management function, with which you can query, maintain, and delete logs. 
    Application scenarios
    Through the IP network, RMS2000 records the video conference with digital mode.