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ZTE TrueMeet Video Wall Server VDB100

  • Product Description
    The ZTE VDB100 HD TV wall server is a professional remote image decoding device. It uses the insert plate structural design with 19-inch standard rack structure and can be installed in a standard rack. It offers 1080p, 720p high-definition video output, and is compatible with 4CIF standard definition images, with a DVI / HDMI / VGA interface definition display devices. The User can simultaneously view different venue HD pictures. It enhances the visual experience and meets the needs of users.
    Product Appearance

    ● Global monitoring, watching the state of venue 
    ZTE VDB100 supports 16 venues image output and the image resolution up to 1080p. Each output supports a variety of display, single-channel video or auxiliary video, multi-venue image polling, polling of the main and auxiliary video stream. VDB100 completely solves the problem that the image is small and fuzzy in multi-screen mode. Each video is clearly visible in the integrated monitoring mode of the multi-venue.
    ● IP transmission, MCU and TV wall remote deployment
    VDB100 is deployed to a place near the TV wall. VDB100 connect to a remote MCU via IP network. Digital audio and video signals using IP network transmission reduce the transmission loss, and improve the quality of the decoded image. VDB100 makes the TV wall and MCU no longer subject to distance restrictions, equipment placement is more flexible.
    ● Multi pictures synthesis, effectively use the existing resources
    The HVBX veneer of VDB100 supports screen compositing features. It can provide HD 720P/1080P output after four pictures (the H264 4CIF or CIF) and nine-screen (the H264 CIF) synthesis. It is suitable for many venues, but less screens of TV wall. Multiple lower-level venues can be synthesized to a video output, and full use of limited television resources.
    Application scenarios
    Monitor the video and audio of conference rooms in monitoring hall.