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ZTE TrueMeet Conference Management System MS90

  • Product Description
    ZTE MS90 video conference management system, provides a unified solution of video conference service and equipment management, including user management, meeting management, resource management, terminal registration authentication, rights management, MCU equipment management and other functions. It is powerful, concentrated, convenient and effectively to meet the demand of the user's meeting management, and more applicable for the users which have the large and medium-sized video communications business.
    Product Appearance

    ● Centralized Management, Convenient Administrator
    ZTE MS90 can supply the centralized management for MCU, terminals and GK, including the devices configured, inspection, diagnosis and fault alarm for MCU, and the software version management and upgrade. It allows administrators to manage the meeting system resources easily. In the large scale network, MS90 supports resource pool function for many sets of MCU, to realize dynamic resource scheduling and management.
    ● Decentralized Domain User Management, Improve the System Security
    If user want to access to the management system, he must be authenticated with the password, it effectively prevents the illegal user login. At the same time, the conference administrators can be subdivided into five levels by range of area, improving the system security.
    ● Convenient and Perfect Conference Management, More Efficient and Fast
    Users do not need to install any additional software, through a WEB browser he can select meeting templates, appointment meetings, convene meetings, control meeting, monitor meetings and other functions. It is easy to use, fully functional.
    ● Built-in GK and SIP Server
    MS90 is built-in GK and SIP server, realizes terminal-registration and address-translation functions. The users have not to deploy additional GK and SIP server, saves the investment for the users.
    ● Ports Rent, Convenient for Conference Operating
    The system administrator can create different conference administrators for different customers by their own domain in the network, and distribute the port resources for each domain based the platform which is managed by MS90, realize the operation of the videoconferencing.
    ● Open Interface to the Third Party
    MS90 supports WEB Service secondary development interface, better serve the requirements of system integration for users. And MS90 can also integrate with Microsoft active directory, Microsoft unified communications system.
    Application scenarios
    Conference management and device management for ZTE video conference system.