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ZTE TrueMeet Cloud Conference MCU CCM1000

  • Product Description
    With the development of cloud computing and the mobile Internet, more and more users are building the basic construction of hardware and virtualization platform, they need the business applications running on a virtualization platform. The way of separating business software away from hardware platform, can reduce the costs, and facilitate the system deployment and expansion. 
    ZTE CCM1000 is a video conference server (MCU) based on the cloud computing technology. It supports cloud deployment and can be installed on the generic servers, providing more audio/video communicational callings and media processing. Compared with the traditional MCU, CCM1000 is more easy to deploy, easy to maintenance, easy to operate and used according to the requirements. It is suitable for the large enterprises, institutions, government departments and operators to provide video conferencing services based on the cloud.
    Product Appearance

    ● Cloud deployment, on-demand purchase, reduce the investment cost of users
    CCM1000 realizes the video conference application on cloud. The services running on the common server directly , without dedicated hardware, saves the cost of hardware investment for users. At the same time, cloud solution can reduce the cycle of the system production and transportation, achieve rapid deployment.
    CCM1000 provides the flexible license authorization policy based system ports, which lets the customers purchase on-demand with lower investment in the beginning,  reduces the threshold of business applying. Only needing to upgrade the software and license, the system can be completed expansion, which shows the good scalability and extensibility.
    ● Carrier level high stability, commercial operation and management
    CCM1000 supports multiple servers dynamic cluster deployment, improves the stability of the meetings. With the cloud deployment, it provides the unified business capabilities to users. It supports business nodes geographically distributed deployment, the nearest node/nodes will be connected when using services. And it provides the separated domain management function, which meet different level requirements for different user applications in the same system.
    CCM1000 supports hybird network deployment between public cloud and private cloud. Through intelligent cascading, it realizes the video communication among different users in a wide range of area. Also it can provides convenient multimedia services, bring high definition multimedia interaction experience to users.
    ● Good compatibility with openness, providing personalized services
    CCM1000 supports H.323, SIP and WebRTC protocols, is fully compatible with international standard video conferencing equipment. CCM1000 offers a complete SDK, which has better openness and easy to develop all kinds of industry solution in depth fusion.
    Based on the powerful function of IVVR, it gives easy guide for creating or joining meeting. It can provide a series of meeting control services such as venues choice to view, meeting record and VOD, meeting real-time interaction. And with the Universal Port solution, the system lets each of the participants in the high definition conference choosing venue to watch as they want, ensuring every participant to enjoy the best experience.
    Application scenarios
    Cloud based video conference platform for operators, SPs and large enterprises.