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ZTE TrueMeet MCU M9000

  • Product Description
    ZTE full compatible and intelligent videoconferencing server M9000 adopts carrier-class modular design with large capacity, high reliability, excellent performance and scalability, which is suitable to build videoconferencing system for large enterprises, government departments and operators.
    ZTE M9000 supports H.323, H.320, SIP and TIP standard protocol, supports 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 4K high definition image resolution and broadband audio, supports H.265 video coding/decoding protocol, supports native remote collaboration, supports the Universal Port for convening hybrid protocol and multi-speed conference, supports IVR and IVVR to create conference or conference enter-guide, supplies NGN, IMS, IPTV, video surveillance, multiple solutions. It is a powerful, safe, reliable, easy operation and maintenance, multi-service platform for converged multimedia services.
    Product Appearance

    ● Full Compatibility and Ultra-fit, Breaking Limitations for Unlimited Expansion
    Full compatible with many types of terminals, it supports multiple protocols and networking models, supports HD continuous presence and IP distance TV-wall function, supports super tone-mixing function. It has good scalability, supports the cascading technology to enlarge the number of terminal-accessing.
    ● Integrated with Various Communications Services
    Support IMS multimedia solutions, support unified communication with enterprise IM software, video phones, SIP phones and other terminals, support point to point and multi-point video conferencing operations effectively. The functions of simple calling and flexible networking are suit for different customers to choose and convene services to achieve the easy communication like making a phone call. 
    ● Intelligent Control Mode, Terminal Self-control Conference
    The system supports IVR and IVVR to create conference or conference smart enter-guide. It supports terminal convening and online reserving the conference. It supports Universal Port for terminals selecting videos-layout freely. It supports H.239 protocol with static, dynamic, active dual stream conference mode. It supports multi-levels cascading function. It supports chairman, director, voice active and other conference control methods. It supports organizing and controlling conference remotely with user authentication, gatekeeper management and WEB control function, it is convenient for operation and maintenance.
    ● Carrier-class high stability, business operations management
    The carrier-class architecture and uninterrupted conference service design support a variety of hot-backup measures such as network-level, device level, board level, chip-level, which is stable and reliable. It is compatible with IPv4 and IPv6, supports H.235 encryption, and built-in H.460 NAT server. Using FEC proprietary technology, it reduces the impact of instable IP network quality for conference; Support automatic speed control and QOS settings. 
    Application scenarios
    Used for large-scale video conference system in the center to provide multi-points conference control and media processing functions.