ZEGO Container Data Center Solution

  • ZTE container data center integrates AC/DC power supply, HVAC, closed cold/hot aisle, modular structure,  fire fighting and intelligent monitoring. The single-container solution or multi-container solution can be used according to actual needs.The container data center solution is widely used in Internet, telecom,  government, finance and other fields.


    40 or 20 feet container including components such as racks, air conditioning,  power distribution,  lighting,  fire fighting,  cabling and management.

    Container Cluster

    Multiple containers are combined with various units including cooling, power distribution, IT, aisle and office.


    Fast and flexible
    • Easy deployment
    • 100% prefabricated
    • Flexible expansion

    Cost saving

    • No building required
    • Phased investment on demand
    • Lower PUE and OPEX

    Simple management

    • High availability design
    • High security
    • Intelligent and remote mgmt