ZTE Data Center Intelligent Management System iDCIM

  • ZTE data center intelligent  management system ZXCLOUD iDCIM integrates operation and maintenance management of infrastructure (including sensors and smart equipment), IT facilities, and cloud computing and uses the distributed system architecture to seamlessly be compatible to the 3rd party system to provide the data center with the end-to-end total solution.
    ZXCLOUD iDCM supports the environment detection equipment, different kinds of power equipment, and the security system. Detection targets of subsystems include: (1) power detection: power distribution cabinets,UPS systems, and storage batteries, (2) environment detection: air conditioners, temperature and humidity, water leakage, and lightning protection, (3) security detection: access control, video, fire protection, anti-theft, and platform alarm. The system also controls the environment temperature to control the switching between the water cooling system and natural air cooling system.


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