ZTE USapphire MiniDC 2000 Product

  • Challenges and Requirements
    For many government departments, branches of large-sized enterprises and public institutions, schools and telecom business halls, it is too expensive to construct a private IT equipment room, too professional to maintain IT devices, and basic to have remote intelligent/unattended management of IT devices. Therefore, the all-in-one cabinet-type mini data center featuring rapid delivery, whole-machine transporting, power-on-and-play, and flexible expansion is receiving increasing attention. It also has great market potential for small and medium enterprises.

    The USapphire MiniDC 2000 integrates power distribution, cabling, monitoring, cooling, fire fighting and access control. It uses full-enclosed design featuring low noise and electromagnetic and interference prevention. It can be transported as a whole machine and work as long as it is powered on without need of building the equipment room, which perfectly meets enterprises’ requirements for utilizing IT resources. It also provides intelligent management software to increase the efficiency of service deployment and reduce IT O&M costs.
    The USapphire MiniDC 2000 consists of main cabinets and expansion cabinets. The main cabinet contains IT devices and the expansion cabinet contains UPS, batteries and other power supply devices. Both can be flexibly deployed according to site condition and redundancy requirement. By the number of cabinets, ZTE provides three miniDC models of single cabinet (All-in-one), dual cabinets (Twins), and 3~6cabinets (Cluster), configuring with batteries providing a battery life of 15min, 1h and 2h respectively and supporting a power density of 4KW, 8KW, and 12~20KW respectively. Each cabinet is in a standard dimension of 600mm (W) x 1200mm (D) x 2000mm (H). 

    Customer Value
    1.High Integration
    ●Prefabrication in factory, whole-machine transporting, power-on-and-use, rapid deployment to reduce construction and deployment costs for customers. 
    ●Provide three product models of single cabinet (All-in-one), dual cabinets (Twins), and 3~6 cabinets (Cluster), and support flexibly deployment of main cabinets and expansion cabinets according to site condition and redundancy requirement. 
    ●Combine in-cabinet ACs and in-row ACs to optimize air distribution that is suitable for various application scenarios, enabling customers to rapidly and flexibly deploy services with cost reduced. 

    ●7X24 unattended operation, remote monitoring and intelligent management, recuding IT deployment and O&M costs. 
    ●Modular design for convenient linear expansion, speeding up response to management demands.
    ●Automatically adjust cooling intensity according to the internal temperature of the equipment room, and display the current temperature/humidity and equipment room running status.
    ●Automated service deployment and remote O&M, reducing O&M difficulty.

    3.Green & Energy Saving
    ●It uses precise air supply and cold/hot aisle isolation so that cold air can centrally exchange heat with servers rather than with the environment, saving 30% to 50% energy than a traditional equipment room.
    ●Fully-enclosed design with low noise: It uses a solid sheet metal front door, a DC frequency-conversion compressor and a stepless speed changing fan system to reduce noise to 60 DB.
    ●Its cooling system forms a cold aisle and a hot aisle inside the cabinet. The heat is dissipated to the outdoor directly through the condenser rather than to the equipment room. Cabinets can be placed in any position in the room. The close-to-heat-source design and the air flow distribution (hot air let-out from the back of racks and cold air let-in to the front of racks) can save energy consumption by 20%. 
    ●Enclosed and dust-free, significantly reducing IT device failure rate to double or double their service life.
    ●Use battery packs when the power backup time is limited, saving cabinet space. 

    4.Secure and Reliable
    ●Support flexible configuring the battery life (10min ~ 2h). 
    ●Use redundant design of key components, greatly increasing system MTBF. 
    ●High single-rack power density up to 4KW.
    ●Log management: support querying operation logs and log on logs of all users. 
    ●Access control and security monitoring design of the enclosure, effectively preventing misoperations by non-management personnel of the equipment room.


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