ZTE USapphire Container Data Center Solution

  • ZTE USapphire container data center is aiming at providing a quick data center solution of infrastructure, to resolve the contradiction between the changing business needs and the low investment, high return, and to meet the future demand of high power density, low power consumption, rapid deployment and flexible expansion.
    ZTE container data center integrates all subsystems in the standard container including racks, air conditioner, fire-fighting equipment, cables, power supply, management and control and lighting. The customer can expand their services by adding containers.
    The container will be prefabricated in the factory before shipment, this make the data center could be commercial launched in 2 weeks after arrival.


    ●Flexible Deployment
    ●Outdoor or Indoor deployment.
    ●IP56 Proof, suitable for tough environment.
    ●Prefabricated in factory, ready to market within 2 weeks after arrival. Total project duration cost only 4 months.
    ●Modular Design, easy to expand by adding more containers.
    ●High Availability&Security
    ●Tier III/IV Design:
    ●2 way redundancy for electricity inputs
    N+1 redundancy for UPS and Air Conditioner.
    ●Protection Level: IP56
    ●Access control,Intrusion alarm,Video monitoring inside and outside the container,Fire control system
    ●Intelligent Management
    ●Integrates operation and maintenance management
    ●3D view, U-position assets  management…
    ●Low TCO
    ●Low PUE reduces the OPEX. 
    ●Modular design, Low Initial Investment, easy to expand as you need according your business growth.


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