ZXDE50 SH02 V2.0 Portable Solar Power System

  • Project Overview
    SH02 V2.0 solar power system is designed and produced for medium income families, school, small hospital, small shop and other application scenarios in no grid or poor grid areas with rich solar energy. This system can greatly meet the demands of electricity for improving local people’s living level. 

    ZXDE50 SH02 V2.0 solar power system includes solar PV module, battery, controller and inverter (the control box is an integrated cabinet, includes controller, inverter and battery). It can convert the solar energy into electricity to supply various AC loads, such as LED lamp, TV, refrigerator, etc.

    ●Simple and convenient
    Simple structure
    Easy installation and operation
    Stronger adaptation: home, small shop, school, small hospital, etc.
    ●High utilization of solar energy, more energy output
    High efficiencies of PV module, controller and inverter system
    Battery with temperature compensation
    ●High reliability
    Short circuit and anti-reverse protection
    Safe and durable
    ●Environment friendly
    No noise, no pollution 


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