ZXDE50SH01 V2.0 Solar Home Product

  • ZTE ZXDE50SH01 V2.0 Solar Home Product Simba is a solar home system which is designed for home users to supply power for lighting, charging mobile phones, powering DC fans, etc. 

    The system features excellent portability, high safety, long service life and flexible application. 

    ●Green Energy, More Convenient Life 
    -Solar power supply for lighting 8h daily, 3 days max. 
    -Easy charging of mobile phones 
    -High system efficiency: >80% 
    ●Smaller Size, Smarter Performance
    -Integrating controller with battery, with 10% smaller and lighter
    -No connecting cables inside the controller box 
    -Powerful battery management to prolong battery life
    -Low power consumption in controller, with high efficiency
    -Compatible with power grid input 
    ●Reliable Design, Safe and Durable 
    -Short-circuit and anti-reverse protection 
    -Over-temperature alarming and overload protection
    -Well-designed battery management on charging: temperature compensation, over-voltage and under-voltage protection 
    -Unbreakable LED lamps, with the rising of working temperature <20℃
    ●Friendly Interface, Flexible Application
    -Elegant design without screws, customizable colors, fonts and logos 
    -USB interfaces for flexible connection
    -Adjustable supporting frame
    -Diversified accessories for better life


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