DC power system

  • ZTE DC power system is applicable to telecom network sites and equipment rooms in areas with good power grid.  ZTE DC power products mainly include large power supply for central offices, transmission equipment rooms and data centers, indoor power supply for base stations, outdoor power supply, embedded power supply, Pad power supply and wall-mounted power supply for small cells and small stations.

    5G brings a new era of telecommunication. 5G networks featuring enhanced bandwidth for faster Internet access, low latency & higher reliability and  massive terminal links, will definitely bring revolutionary changes in social economy and people’s lives. 

    ZTE offers a full series of 5G power supply products and solutions featuring simpler & more efficient, fully modular, intelligent and networked. 

    ZTE 5G power is a new engine of 5G. 

    ZTE full series highly-efficient DC power system


    • Simpler & More Efficient

             Efficient and high-power-density power supply is used to construct all-in-one stations, and Pad power and Pad battery to construct fully PAD stations with faster deployment and lower deployment and operation costs.

    • Fully Modular 

             Fully modular design is adopted to enable flexible configuration and smooth expansion of component or system, thus protecting investment.

    • Intelligent

             Intelligent technologies, such as smart shaving, smart synergy, intelligent control of hybrid power, li-battery and intelligent O&M, further improve energy efficiency, save energy and reduce energy consumption, thus reducing OPEX.

    • Networked

             The network energy management platform based on big data and AI provides multi-level and multi-service energy management to help customers develop value-added services. 


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