Hybrid Power Solution

  • The hybrid power solution is applicable to telecom sites in areas with no or poor power grid.  ZTE PowerMaster hybrid  power  solution, based on a highly integrated core control system and a unified management architecture, supports multiple energy inputs such as wind, solar, diesel generator and mains, combined with H series high-performance lead-acid battery and lithium-ion battery. It supports unified management of construction and multi-operator energy sharing to provide telecom operators with the one-stop and all-round service for network power supply and energy management. It is a green, low-cost and highly reliable power supply solution for telecom stations.


    • Unified management

             As the control core of the system, the CSU manages all power conversion modules, AC and DC power distribution modules, battery charging and discharging, and other extension components. Front-end information collection and back-end EMS interconnection for multi-energy hybrid intelligent control and site monitoring facilitates remote site management and upgrade.

    • High integration

             All power conversion modules and components and even batteries are integrated in one cabinet. The AC power distribution can be wall-mounted to save space.  The whole system reserves space for the installation of main telecom devices and optional accessories for space saving, easy installation and maintenance. 

    • Smooth upgrade and expansion

             The system supports the mixed insertion of solar power modules and rectifier modules for smooth upgrade and expansion, enabling investment protection. For example, a DG/grid hybrid power system can be smoothly upgraded to a DG/solar one, and a solar power system can be easily upgrade to a wind/solar hybrid one.

    • High-efficiency module

             The system uses high-efficiency power conversion modules to improve energy utilization. The maximum efficiency of a rectifier module can reach 98%, and that of a solar power module can reach 98.5%, maximizing the utilization of green energy and reducing total energy consumption.


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