Network Energy Management Solution

  • ZTE iEnergy network energy management solution presents the energy running status of the whole network, and analyzes the network energy efficiency and O&M based on AI and big data to improve network management efficiency and assure site security. iEnergy helps customers understand the actual network status to improve energy efficiency, power supply reliability and O&M efficiency of stations and reduce TCO. It also provides valuable data to support operation and management including power system upgrade and equipment purchase. 

    ZTE iEnergy network energy management solution


    • Ensure stable and reliable network power supply and reduce labor cost

      The system provides statistical charts of the running status of the site so that the operator can clearly understand the composition and trend of energy generation and consumption.      With powerful O&M functions, it facilitates site operation and preventative maintenance to increase power supply reliability.

    • Reduce OPEX and improve profitability

     Abundant energy efficiency management functions, such as energy supply statistics, energy consumption statistics, site energy efficiency, mains supply quality and fuel           efficiency are provided. Through energy efficiency analysis, the operator can easily find weak links and optimize energy efficiency or upgrade sites to reduce OPEX and improve       profitability.

    • Provide decision-making reference to improve competitiveness

     The system provides suggestions on site optimization through site running data analysis to detect weak links of system operation, explore profit points, reduce TCO and improve         competitiveness.

    • Guarantee high security of site and support flexible networking

    The system ensures the security of the site equipment through authority management and anti-theft schemes. The authority management system offers authority management, record management, remote control, and one-time-password (OTS). It supports various anti-theft schemes, including fence, door sensor, visual alarm, image capturing and voice warning. It also supports multiple networking modes and access modes.


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