ZTE iEnergy Network Energy Management Solution

  • Overview
    With rising telecom requirements in this internet era, more and more telecom sites are deployed to satisfy voice/data/video requirements even in some undeveloped or developing countries. As the heart of telecom sites, energy solution supplies reliable and stable power supply to all equipment. But, some challenges are faced by operators:
    ●How to understand energy status of whole network
    ●How to know the bottleneck of network energy and reduce high energy cost
    ●How to accomplish maintenance management, site security management, asset management, etc.
    Facing these challenges, an innovative energy management system for telecom energy network is designed. ZTE iEnergy NetNumen solution is an “intelligent, integrated, internet” energy management solution. It is designed in 3 dimensions: value, business, and level, aiming to supply comprehensive services and additional value for customers.

    ●High additional value
    ●Real-timely manage network  energy status, accurately supervise health state of network
    ●Energy efficiency management develops toward site and network level to further improve energy efficiency
    ●Improve network reliability and O&M efficiency by preventive maintenance schedule
    ●Enhance site anti-theft ability greatly to guarantee the safety of assets
    ●Overall assets management to know the situation and status of assets
    ●Reduce TCO effectively and greatly with a measurable method

    ●Business  modules
    Business modules of ZTE iEnergy NetNumen solution is shown in the following figure:

    ●Multiple levels
    Comprehensive management from component, equipment, site to network:

    The system architecture of ZTE iEnergy NetNumen solution is shown in the following figure. For different scenario, the optimal site controller is proposed. All the working information will be transmitted to NetNumen U31 R32 through in-band or out-band networking mode, only out-band networking mode for SCUC controller.

    Highlights and Benefits
    ●Whole network management of all energy equipment
    ●iEnergy NetNumen can show energy status of whole network anywhere, anytime, anyway by smart phone APP, PAD, or server
    ●Visible working status in massive data
    ●Homepage can supply key working information of whole network easily.
    ●Site management portal makes it easy to understand working status which includes site information, maintenance calendar, dynamic working logic diagram, alarm information, etc.
    ●Site status displayed in 3D technology 
    ●Effective energy efficiency management
    ●The system can supply various report forms, such as site energy efficiency, fuel efficiency, etc. All the sites are divided into groups according to different scenarios. Through the analysis, we can know the bottleneck of network and propose some efficiency optimization solution for our customer.
    ●Easy maintenance by maintenance supporting management
    ●Fuel supply system: accurate fuel level management, refuel site statistics, refueling plan, refueling record statistic, etc.
    ●D.G.maintenance system: maintenance schedule calendar and management, maintenance requirement statistics, maintenance record management, etc.
    ●Battery maintenance system: providing battery health assessment, battery life estimation functions, showing probable reason and giving maintenance proposal
    ●Battery management system: analyzing the state of backup battery in power-off and high temperature scenarios, battery recover.
    ●Solar maintenance system: solar maintenance reminder due to dust or faults of solar panels
    ●High-level safety by site security management
    ● Anti-theft solution includes theft detection, alarm and video capture, etc.
    ●Hybrid energy management for future energy transformation
    ●Except data acquisition, site controller can accomplish hybrid energy management to accomplish hybrid energy solution, such as battery-DG hybrid power solution, etc.
    ●Overall assets management to know the situation and status of assets
    ●Visible situation avoids loss of assets
    ●Assessment in expansion or transformation
    ●Decision supporting of maintenance and new equipment purchasing
    ●Flexible networking technology
    ●Support in-band and out-band networking mode. In-band networking technology includes RS232 and TCP/IP access mode. Out-band networking technology includes RS232, TCP/IP and GPRS/3G access mode.

    Technical Description
    The main technical parameter of iEnergy NetNumen U31 R32 system is shown in the following table:



    Managing NE capability


    Maximum quantity of client


    Alarm uploading time

    No more than 5 minutes

    Server startup time

    Less than 3 minutes

    Average time of creating one  link connection between NE and EMS

    Less than 10 seconds


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