Energy Storage System

  • ZTE provides a complete energy storage solution for the telecom industry, including high-performance lead-acid batteries and smart lithium batteries. The H series high-performance lead-acid batteries and SmartLi series batteries meet customers’major demands such as energy density, charging and discharging performance, battery life and battery asset security. ZTE’s integrated energy storage management platform provides multi-dimension intelligent battery management for various grid scenarios to  maximize adaptability and competitiveness of telecom power solutions. ZTE energy storage system helps operators build highly-reliable and low-TCO networks with smooth evolution and expansion. 

    The H series lead-acid batteries include ZXDC02 HL, ZXDC02 HP, ZXDC12 HP and ZXDC12 HP A, etc.

    H series high-performance lead-acid batteries


    • Superior high-temperature performance, fast charging performance, and cycle performance
    • Complete series of 12 V and 2 V, high temperature and deep cycling series

    The lithium battery series include ZXDC48 FB50B1, ZXDC48 FB50C1, ZXDC48 FB100A1, ZXDC48 FB100B1,ZXDC48 FB100C1 etc.

    SmartLi series lithium batteries


    • Supports the combination of  lithium and lead-acid batteries, and that of new and existing lithium batteries   
    • Smart anti-theft, including self-lock, software unlocking and GPS tracing
    • Intelligently voltage boosting to 57 V to improve power supply efficiency
    • Intelligent networking including multiple far-end and near-end networking modes to realize refined management of all batteries in the network


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