ZXUPSR S Series Rack-mounted UPS

  • ZXUPSR S series is small power capacity rack-mounted UPS, adopting new digital control technology. This on-line double conversion UPS system is built in 19 inch rack and available in 1 kVA~10 kVA capacity, providing high reliable and high performance power protection. The system supplies with a broad range of accessories and provides power for one or more equipment, which is a best power supply choice for rapid construction of small equipment rooms.

    Product Features
    ●Ultra wide input voltage range (110 VAC ~ 300 VAC) adapts to various power grids including hostile ones.
    ●Advanced DSP technology improves system flexibility and stability, ensures product consistency and reliability.
    ●ECO mode improves system efficiency by up to 8%.
    ●Input power factor is 0.99 with less power harmonic pollution.
    ●Multiple communication interfaces, such as RS232, USB and SNMP, reduce networking cost and raise management efficiency.
    ●Intelligent monitoring, self diagnosis and self detection are enabled to find the failure causes and improve system availability.
    ●Supporting parallel expansion (three units in parallel allowed with 6/10 kVA model) easily and flexibly.
    Flexible Deployment
    ●Compact rack structure design saves space and investment.


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