ZXUPS T Series Tower High Frequency UPS

  • ZXUPS T series UPS has an advantage of  leading product performance and operating reliability with  high input power factor, conversion efficiency and low input current distortion rate. The series is widely used in government, finance, telecommunications, education, transportation, meteorology, radio and television, industrial and commercial tax, health care, energy and electricity and other fields. ZXUPS T series consists of four products:
    ●ZXUPS T040(V1.0R01): 40 KVA Tower High Frequency
    ●ZXUPS T080(V1.0R01): 80 KVA Tower High Frequency
    ●ZXUPS T120(V1.0R01): 120 KVA Tower High Frequency
    ●ZXUPS T200(V1.0R01): 200 KVA Tower High Frequency

    ZXUPS T Series Tower High Frequency UPS

    Product Features
    1.Supporting up to 6  systems in parallel for system capacity expansion;
    2.Similar to modular design ensures the operation of system derating after removing the failed power;
    3.Input power factor is up to 0.99, input harmonic current is less than 3% and system efficiency is up to 95%;
    4. Wide input voltage range (132 VAC ~ 275 VAC) and wide input frequency range (40 Hz ~ 70 Hz).


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