PowerMaster Series Solutions

  • Hybrid power system is suitable to be applied in off or poor grid region, therefore, ZTE develops an  integrated hybrid power solution “PowerMaster”, including various hybrid power solutions, supporting multiple energy input, multiple output, and various batteries to satisfy with customer’s needs. PowerMaster solution can provide high efficiency, green, low cost, energy saving solution for telecom operator.

    PowerMaster Solution includes various sub power solutions, for different scenarios and requirements:
    ●B-DG solution: battery DG hybrid power solution, designed for off or poor grid.
    ●Grid solution: grid combined with fast charge battery, specially designed for unreliable grid. 
    ●S-DG solution: solar DG hybrid power solution, designed for off or poor grid, for energy saving through solar adoption.
    ●S solution: pure solar power solution, suitable for remote site, extremely low maintenance.
    ●W-S solution: wind solar hybrid power solution, suitable for remote site, supplement between wind and solar energy.  

    Highlights & Benefits
    ●Unified Management
    The unified CSU is the core control unit, and it can control all the power conversion unit,  AC/DC power distribution, battery charge & discharge, and other expanded units. The unified management can highly increase the system integration and easy O&M.
    ●Integrated Structure
    All the units, including CSU, solar power unit, rectifier, AC input distribution, DC power distribution can be installed in one cabinet. Even battery and telecom equipment can be also housed in the same cabinet. And the AC power distribution is wall-mounted for space saving.
    ●Powerful Energy Monitoring
    Detailed monitoring data for energy equipments, site environment and site security is provided, including working status, alarms, statistics, for the concerned equipment and parameters, such as generator, solar power, battery and so on. 
    CSU is the unified access for all the monitoring data, and also connected to ZTE iEnergy (network energy management system) to realize remote energy monitoring and management.
    ●Smooth Upgrade & Expansion
    The CSU can control not only solar power unit and rectifier, but supports modules mixed plug, to realize smooth expansion and upgrade. For example, battery DG hybrid power system can be smoothly upgraded to solar DG hybrid power system, and pure solar power system also can be upgraded to wind solar hybrid power system, etc.
    ●High Adaptability of Battery
    ZTE provides the most suitable battery solutions for customers, such as HP, HL F, Lithium battery. HP battery has long cycle life and high temperature performance. HL F battery has excellent PSOC performance for TCO saving. Lithium battery high charge/discharge capability, long cycle life and high temperature adaptability.


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