ZXDU68 W201 (V5.0) / ZXDU68 W301 (V5.0) Outdoor DC power system

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    ZXDU68 W201 (V5.0) and ZXDU68 W301 (V5.0) are outdoor DC power systems, which can provide -53.5V DC power for communications equipment. ZXDU68 W201 (V5.0) is equipped with Four ZXD3000 rectifiers and can provide 12kW output. ZXDU68 W301 (V5.0) is equipped with Six ZXD3000 rectifiers and can provide 18kW output. The cabinet is composed of two parts. The upper part is the power compartment. The lower part is the battery compartment. Multiple temperature control systems can be flexibly configured separately.


    ●Wide range of input phase voltage  (85 V to 295 V) to prolong battery life 
    ●Compact construction design, integrating the power distribution, rectifiers, CSU and battery in one single cabinet
    ●Energy saving, 96.3% high efficiency rectifier with modular hibernating function 
    ●Reliable cabinet design, high security with concealed hinge, inner expansion bolt, three-point anti-theft lock
    ●Multiple temperature control modes, flexible for application in various environments
    ●Intelligent CSU, support centralized site monitoring
    ●Extensive network interfaces, input/output dry contacts, RJ45, RS232, RS485, USB, which can meet the requirements of Telnet, HTTP, FTP and SNMP networking to realize more flexible networking ways


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