ZXDU68 T601 DC Power System

  • Overview
    ZXDU68 T601 is a high-efficiency DC power system developed by ZTE. The capacity of full configuration is 33 KW. This system is smart and green with diversified types of interfaces, including input/output dry contracts, RJ45, RS232, RS485 interfaces, and a USB interface, which can perform flexible networking as per application scenarios. 
    The peak efficiency of the system is up to 96% and the power density is higher.  The depth of the cabinet is only 400 mm and the front access design further reduces area occupation and space for maintenance. 
    The monitoring unit of the system adopts a color screen with better visual effects and user-friendly multi-screen design to ease the operation.

    ●High power density, saving occupied space and rental
    ●Wide range of input phase voltage  (80 V to 300 V) to prolong battery life 
    ●Wide temperature tolerance, -40~+75℃, more field adaptable, saving temperature control equipment.
    ●High efficiency, the system can save energy by 4%~10% compared to the traditional power supply system.
    ●Automatically switching to the sleep mode, the power of a sleeping rectifier is not larger than 4 W.
    ●Extensive network interfaces, input/output dry contacts, RJ45, RS232, RS485, USB, which can meet the requirements of Telnet, HTTP, FTP and SNMP networking to realize more flexible networking ways
    ●Using USB to improve storage capability and facilitate deployment


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