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Product Overview
A+P Series
ZTE has launched the new generation of A+P, integrating AAU (active antenna unit) and passive antenna equipment. It features ultra-high integration, excellent performance, and one-step installation. In addition to the introduction of 5G services, ZTE A+P also integrates all 2G/3G/4G-band antennas of the original site, helping operators save site space effectively. The new-generation A+P decouples passive antennas from AAUs, and AAUs can be flexibly selected in accordance with project requirements. Compared with the previous products, the new-generation A+P has higher antenna gain and higher performance in compact size.


  • No need for customization of AAU. AAU can be flexibly selected from mature models, and has ultra-high performance and fast delivery capability.
  • Flexible 32TR or 64TR. The number of active antenna channels can be 32 or 64, meeting the requirements of different capacity scenarios.
  • Passive antennas integrate all original antennas with compact size and high antenna gain.