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Product Overview
A+P Series
The A+P products are particularly suitable for crowded wireless sites with multi-band and multi-mode in dense urban areas. It brings 5G coverage, and integrates all the 2G/3G/4G antennas of the legacy site. As a component of UniSite NEO solution, A+P, together with UBR, replaces the legacy devices with very few modules and less O&M costs. AAU of A+P can can be flexibly selected from new generation of ZTE AAUs in accordance with the frequency band, 64TR or 32TR channels, and bandwidth requirements. The passive part uses the transparent antenna with innovative integrated interleaved technology, and provides multiple antenna ports with broadband and high antenna gain in compact size. A+P reduces the number of antennas, saves site space, and cuts down the cost of site deployment, operation and maintenance. The active and passive parts of A+P can be used together or independently. It gives opportunities to customers to implement the network modernization and 5G upgrade phase by phase.