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Overview Data Collection and Synthesis of All Domain and All Interface

By collecting the original data of communication network, analyzing and outputting the original XDR of single interface and combining it with cross interface Association, a complete signaling monitoring scheme across 2G / 3G / 4G network is built. This scheme is an important support of network operation and maintenance, providing input data source for various application systems of communication network.


Highlights&Business Value


1.This scheme can support both soft acquisition and hard acquisition. Hard acquisition supports high resistance bridging, tap shunting, port mirroring, splitter splitting and other acquisition methods that do not affect the network. Soft acquisition can receive the original signaling or data according to the agreed interface.
2. It supports decoupling between components, flexible deployment of key components such as acquisition and analysis server and synthesis server, and independent evolution and upgrading of each other; the external XDR interface adopts TLV format, which is conducive to docking with the third-party system.
3. The output interface can be customized, and XDR interface fields can be output according to the format and content specified by the application system to flexibly support various requirements of the application system. 

Business Value
All domain and all interface data collection and synthesis can provide data sources for various application systems of 2G / 3G / 4G network of operators, such as network operation and maintenance system, business quality management system, user experience management system and precise planning management system, which is an important support for operators to realize intelligent and refined operation and maintenance.


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