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Data Service Quality Assurance

Data service quality assurance solution, based on the analysis method of big data, constructs the index system with service and user perception as the core, collects user, wireless, core network and SP side data for end-to-end association analysis, and evaluates the service quality based on the four topics of one key complaint analysis, regional perception analysis, service perception analysis and user perception analysis. The solution also analyzes the causes of poor quality dynamically, and gives the factors of wireless, core network, SP, bearer and users.


Highlights&Business Value


1. Global data collection and association analysis: support the collection and association analysis of wireless, core network and data carried by the same manufacturer.
2. Automatic end-to-end poor quality demarcation and positioning: conduct global analysis of poor quality and automatically give root cause analysis.
3. Multi scenario fault tree analysis, covering more than 90% of poor quality and complaints.

Business Value
1. Effectively support the handling of user complaints: one key end-to-end positioning, fast response to user complaints, and improve user satisfaction.
2. Automatic root cause analysis, source tracing of signaling, and efficient support for network optimization.
3. It can connect the network optimization system and work order system, carry out comparison before and after network optimization and work order verification, and realize closed-loop problem processing.


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