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Customer Experience Management

With the higher pursuit of users for the quality of communication experience, ZTE provides customer experience management solution, which provides experience driven sustainable development through a variety of solutions such as global perception of users, full perspective customer assurance, VAP users' active care and one button complaint handling.


Highlights&Business Value


1. Provide end-to-end perception management of the whole domain and whole business, support operators to build a whole process and whole domain perception management system of customer experience, including overall network monitoring guarantee, active guarantee of key business, etc.
2. Predictive care management mode, through the construction of dissatisfied user system, rapid identification of poor quality users and areas, active optimization, perception improvement before user complaints, effectively reduce potential complaints, reduce the willingness to leave the network.
3. Highly efficient and automatic, it can connect with the complaint handling platform of the operator, significantly improve the accuracy of user complaint handling cycle and delimitation positioning through one key complaint handling (CCH); carry out exclusive and efficient optimization for VIP users through VIP support.

Business Value
1. Enhance the network brand, comprehensively support the end-to-end user perception experience guarantee, help operators to play the customer experience advantage from the network homogenization competition, and build the brand.
2. Improve the user viscosity, take the initiative to protect and care VAP users, quickly handle the closed-loop complaint users, and predict and maintain the off net sensitive users.


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