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Data Center Integration Service

ZTE Data Center Physical Infrastructure(DCPI) Integration service is a professional construction total package service consisting of electrical system, cooling system, light current system, firefighting system and interior decoration for the industrial customers in telecommunications, finance, energy, transportation, government, internet, etc.


Highlight & Business Value



20 years experience in data center turnkey projects globally with construction end-to-end delivery ability and project management skill.
Global delivery platform and 3000+ subcontractors to meet localized technical delivery of data center construction implementation.
Strong R&D ability of data center products covering T-block, MDC, UPS, Rectifier, Indirect evaporation chiller, DCIM and etc..
More than 300 dynamic environment equipment technical experts in HQ with professional and efficient system equipment deployment ability.
Long-term strategic cooperation with lots of industry players to ensure rapid deployment of equipment and overall seamless construction of projects.

Business Value
Overall improve data center availability, security and manageability.
Improve the scalability and deployment efficiency of data center.
Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).


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