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ZXCTN 9000-2E
The ZXCTN 9000-2E10A series devices are multi-service packet products developed by ZTE. Based on core in-house chips, they adopt fully modular and elastic architecture design to highly improve the long-term network evolution capability of networks. The ZXCTN 9000-2E10A series devices integrate the advantages of both packet and transport technologies, employ distributed large-capacity hardware architecture and have diversified service functions. Supporting SDN, Segment Routing and EVPN, the devices can provide carrier-grade reliability and completely meet the transport requirements of 5G, MBH, Metro-E and FMC scenarios. They can also help reduce the customer's CAPEX and OPEX.

Intelligent and unified service transport
●   Refined design and 220mm depth adaptation for outdoor applications
●   Supports GE to 400GE interfaces, meeting the flexible networking requirements in multiple scenarios

Evolve with the times, facing the 5G network era
●   Small-granularity slice
●   FlexE low-latency forwarding

Smooth transition and continuous network evolution
●   SR, SRv6 and inband OAM supporting 5G service upgrade

●   Self-developed chips supporting smooth evolution of hardware


Multi-protection, easy management, and easy maintenance
●   Comprehensive reliability solution

●   Convenient commissioning and O&M
●   Guaranteed service quality

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Specification Parameter
Dimensions (H * W * D) mm 442*219.4*220
Interface Type 100GE,50GE,25GE,10GE,GE,FE
Power supply mode DC: -48V
Operating temperature -5~45°C(Indoor Cabinet)
-40~55°C(Outdoor Cabinet)
Operating humidity 5%~90%