Product Overview


TaaS (Test as a Service) is a configurable and predictable E2E service that integrates telecom knowledge, NFV knowledge, personnel service and procedure into one body. ZTE TaaS mainly provides a customized environment for the test, guides or assists the customer to complete the test and verification in this environment, and then outputs the testable report, which speeds up the commercial progress of the tested system or products.

[Product Highlights]

Provide innovative test methods, implement the complete coverage test and verification of network functions and services, which speeds up commercial progress of the system or products.
Provide a standard test environment or customized test environment on demand.
Customize a standard test procedure and clear interface of responsibility division promoting test efficiency.
Decrease the operator's cost input for the integration environment and fixed assets investment to help the operator realize asset-light operation.
Provide an open test tool platform and a test asset library to promote test efficiency and accuracy of the test result.
Product experts & test experts support teams with abundant experience, guide the development of test plans and test cases as well as the establishment of test environment and environment configuration, and also give technique support during the test.
Sign a confidentiality agreement of the test data with the customer to guarantee the security of the customer's test data.