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ZXIN OSG Intelligent Network

During the development process of audio/video value-added services, ZTE considers that many problems such as keeping service continuity under the CS/IMS network, making fast service provisioning, boosting revenue based on innovative services and building a value-added ecosystem for audio/video services, need to be considered. Based on years of experience in the field of telecom value-added services, ZTE has launched a new-generation telecom multimedia value-added service product ZXIN OSG. It adopts the JAINSLEE architecture to realize the one-time service development for multi-network deployment, and uses the cloud native technology to realize the rapid R&D and deployment of services, which helps operators reduce CAPEX and OPEX, and helps telecommunications services flourish in the future.

Major Functions:
Enhanced Consumer Services: Providing enhanced consumer services such as PPS, call assistant, ONLY and Eco-zone to help operators enhance user experience and improve user viscosity
Enhanced Enterprise Services: Providing enhanced enterprise services such as VPBX and NTS to help operators expand the enterprise market and realize the new B2B2C business model
Product Advantages:
Advanced Architecture: Decoupling of capability from application; Convergent service development
Rich Services: Enhanced consumer/enterprise services; Convergent services
Simplified O&M: NFV and the stateless operation of SEP; DevOps tool chain

Customer Benefits:
Fast Provisioning: ZXIN OSG supports NFV together with a DevOps tool chain, which realizes the rapid service development and deployment and helps cloud-based transformation of operator's services.
Cost Reduction: Convergent service realizes one service for CS/VoLTE users and helps operators ensure service consistency.

Revenue Boosting: Rich value-added services based on voice and multimedia help operators tap into the individual and enterprise markets in the audio/video service realm deeply and expand new business models.
Ecosystem Construction: Decoupling capability from application enables the development of third-party voice value-added services; Convergent service development helps developers realize one-time service development for multiple networks and improve development efficiency.

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